Attention: we have changed the name of our dance school from YOUR SELF Dance School to Yatskova Dance Studio!

Please visit our new website: www.yatskovadancestudio.com.au

 Our dance classes in Adelaide

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:15am Latino Mix (Ladies)   Enrollement closed
10:30am Zouk (Beginner)   Enrollement closed
12:30pm Latino Mix (Ladies)   Enrollement closed
6:00pm Latino Mix (Ladies)   Enrollement   closed
7:30pm Zouk (Intermediate)   Zouk (Beginner) Bachata  Enrollement    closed
8:30pm  Zouk   (Pre-Intermediate)  Zouk (Upper-Intermediate) Zouk (Elementary)
 To book a dance class at our dance school in Adelaide please email  iridanceschool@gmail.com


Information for newcomers: to attend brazilian zouk dance classes of higher levels at our dance school in Adelaide, ALL students have to complete all previous levels, or take enough private lessons with our dance instructor.

 New groups

New dance groups can be opened at our dance studio in Adelaide if we receive enough requests for a particular dance class (4 people for Brazilian Zouk  / 6 people for Latino Mix/4 people for Bachata dance lessons).

Please send your requests to e-mail: iridanceschool@gmail.com.au